Can't you read? I'm on vacation!
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I don't normally take vacations from work. I'm taking two and a half days off - plus my normal weekend - to go to Anthrocon, but that's immediately negated by one of my coworkers supposedly needing to go to a "wedding" in "Edmonton" the following weekend. Boy, that guy sure goes to a lot of "weddings" and "funerals" in "Edmonton"! So I'm basically going to wake up at like 4:30am EST on July 4th, spend the day flying across one country and into another one to get home sometime around 2 or 3pm PST, try to get some sleep, and then work for twelve days straight.

So yeah, I'm taking what vacation I can by setting aside BDK for a bit. See you July 11th! OR see you July 1-3 at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at table C03 with Chris Paulsen of Precocious!

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