The comics this page links to are stupid and terrible. They contain subject matter which (at best) may not be suitable for some viewers, and (at worst) is embarrassing. Also, they should not be considered canon to the current version of Badly Drawn Kitties. And if that wasn't enough, the HTML is a mess, so I can't make any guarantees about how these pages might look in your browser. I really recommend you disregard this stuff, but some people might be curious about it, so here it is. Just remember that I warned you.

Series 1 preview

Badly Drawn Kitties started in February 2002 as a daily short-form comic strip centered around two cat ladies named Lydia and Lucy. Though its schedule fluctuated over the course of its run, it continued somewhat regularly until October 2005...

Badly Drawn Kitties, Series 1 (Thanks to Scott for making all these pages!)

Series 2 preview

A new version was started in May 2006, but it only lasted seven strips before inspiration died off completely. A couple of random comics followed, and then came another hiatus...

Badly Drawn Kitties, Series 2

Series 3 preview

It was then reborn again in July 2007, in a version that lasted until September 2008. Again, a few random comics filled the time before the next incarnation...

Badly Drawn Kitties, Series 3

Series 4 preview

In 2009, the site was given over to new versions of the original comics, redrawn by Kat Smith for publication in a book....

Badly Drawn Kitties, Series 4 (Artwork by Kat Smith)

Series 5 preview

That book never came to fruition, and when the strips drawn by Kat ran out in early 2010, I took over again, making new comics through October of that year...

Badly Drawn Kitties, Series 5

Series 6 preview

After another year of hiatus, BDK came back yet again. This version lasted from sometime in 2011 to sometime in 2012.

Badly Drawn Kitties, Series 6

The Party Times preview

For the sake of completeness, here's something else I did. It's the first chapter in a fantasy/comedy comic I started in 2007 called The Party Times. I quit after one chapter because I realized that this sort of comic would require better artistic skill than I possess.

The Party Times: Chapter I - Getting the Party Started