new talian idol

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A couple notes about this comic:

One, Eve doesn't wear glasses anymore. She had laser surgery or something, I dunno. The fact is that I've never really liked how the glasses look on that particular character, like I picked the worst possible character to wear them. Combined with her hairstyle, she just always looks like she's squinting. So I decided that they're gone.

Two, I'm just generally sorry if the quality of this comic is lower than normal. I've said before that I'll sometimes have a Bad Drawing Day, where nothing I do really turns out the way I want it to. This comic is a weird product of that. I did the pencils for it Thursday night, just before midnight, and everything was fine. Then, as I started inking it, the clock rolled over to Friday, and Friday is apparently a Bad Drawing Day, because everything suddenly went to shit. So sorry.

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