cut short

Bye Luna. You were a fun idea that I wasn't able to follow up on.
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I got overconfident, and paid for it.

If you've been following BDK for a while, you know that last year was a disaster for it. My work changed, and I was not able to keep up with both it and this comic. I thought 2018 would be the time where I pulled everything back together, but I forgot that I have to change the way I do BDK now, and also my work flew into chaos again. That's just the nature of my job: it can be stable for a while, and then suddenly everything falls apart for a month. By the time I had a day off on Friday, I was numb. So mentally exhausted that my brain literally refused to let me think about BDK, or really anything else. I completely shut down in a way that was frankly kind of scary. I just wanted to sit in front of my computer, and couldn't even muster the mental strength to decide what to look at. I just kept clicking through the same bookmarks over and over, even though nothing had changed.

I think BDK is probably living on borrowed time at this point, and there will eventually come a day where I have to pull the plug on it. I suspect that that day might even come this year. But I'm going to try. I can't promise a regular schedule, or coherent stories. I think one-shot, random comics that I don't have to think about beyond their completion will become the norm. But in the end, this is a hobby that I have made an extremely limited amount of money on compared to the tens of thousands of dollars I make from my job, so BDK has to come third (second being my mental health). I hope you understand.

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