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Weak to Snake, strong against Needle.
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For a little background, most BDK characters' birthdays were set long before I decided to do this. I just had to add the Life.NT employees, and I manipulated their birthdays to fill out the zodiac. So I didn't look at what the signs were like before I gave the characters those signs, and I also don't put much stock in astrology anyway, so not every character has really matched their sign much up to this point in the run of BDK. I more used this as an opportunity to flesh out some underdeveloped characters a bit; I particularly like what I did with Ben and Eve, and Magic gets a cute Cancer treatment, so to speak.

But some did work. Lucy and Lucas are pretty good Aquarians, Calvin made sense to me, and I really like Tom's sign. But of all the characters and signs, Sally was the one where I read what Gemini was like, and went, "Holy shit, perfect!"

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