digital inking 8

At some point in the last two comics she's been in, Rain became left-handed. I'll have to remember that.
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I have a fun story about the word splish.

Way back in the day, I played The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. My mom also played it. In that game, there are fish that will fill out your map for you if you give them food, and they make a sound when they come out of the water. I always thought it was like a "kay?" sound, but my mom always thought it sounded more like "Sven?" Naturally, she is wrong.

However, there's also a Battleship-type minigame where you have shoot cannonballs at a grid to blast octopuses or something; I forget exactly how it goes. But there's a guy who runs the game and makes the sound effects. He says "kaboom" when you hit, and another word when you miss. I lived my entire life thinking the other word was "splish," but apparently this is not the consensus. Apparently, the consensus is that he's saying "sploosh," and it's just his weird accent that makes it sound (to me) like he's saying "splish." So I guess me and Mom were both wrong.

Anyway, star.

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