This is way better than healthy snacks.
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I kinda like looking for fake websites that don't resolve. My original idea for a sex toy website was, but that goes to a picture of James Brown's mugshot from 1988. Which caused me to go, "Is that James Brown?" and look at his Wikipedia page to see if he was arrested in South Carolina in 1988, and he was. Apparently he was accused of attacking his wife with a lead pipe. So that's fun.

Maybe it would have been amusing to leave it in anyway, but I'm sure that mugshot is there for a reason, right? Like, I'm not super familiar with the works of James Brown. Maybe he has a hit song called "Cherry Soda" that I've never heard but James Brown fans would immediately get the reference. Besides, I wouldn't want people thinking I went to the trouble of creating that weird non-sequitur website just for people who decided to follow the fake URLs in BDK.

By the way, appears to be a parked GoDaddy domain, so maybe you can own it if the price is right.

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